Pamphlet Architecture was founded in 1978 by architects Steven Holl and William Stout to promote the work of emerging architects, often working outside established boundaries of professional practice, exploring theoretical ideas, documenting urban and rural building types, and providing manifestos calling for the architectural world to think broader and design deeper.

Many of today’s best-known architects were first published in the Pamphlet format, including Lebbeus Woods, Zaha Hadid, Lars Lerup, Mark Mack, Livio Dimitriu, and Alberto Sartoris. Giving voice to known and unknown authors alike, Pamphlet asks practitioners and theorists to present their bold ideas in a manner as visually provocative as it is intellectually compelling.

Generous support for Pamphlet Architecture is thanks to the following: Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown, the National Endowment for the Arts, Princeton Architectural Press, Station Hill Press.

In memory of Kevin Lippert, visionary publisher (1959-2022).